Myrtle Beach Golf Hall of Fame

Sandy Miles

“The Granddaddy – the Birthplace of Myrtle Beach Golf” 2015

Miles immediately established a goal to improve the profile of Pine Lakes and was wildly successful. He coined the venerable Robert White design as the “Granddaddy,” ensuring everyone knew that Pine Lakes was the birthplace of Myrtle Beach golf. Under his direction the once languishing course developed a thriving membership and rivaled the Dunes Club as the area's premier social hotspot. It was Miles' idea to serve clam chowder at the turn and he also brought Rolls Royce golf carts to the course, marketing plays that attracted national attention to Pine Lakes and the area. While Miles was most known for his success at the Granddaddy, he worked with fellow Myrtle Beach Golf Hall of Fame member Cecil Brandon to help launch Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday. When the golf package was born in Myrtle Beach, Miles sent a limo to ferry the first package customers to the course. His willingness and ability to think outside the box helped Myrtle Beach become the destination it is today.

Miles married Beula Gatewood on December 31, 1959. They have two children, Scott and Melissa.