Myrtle Beach Golf Hall of Fame

Russell “Doc” Burgess

Russell “Doc” Burgess

Golf Pioneer and Myrtle Beach Visionary 2014

A man of uncommon vision, Doc Burgess is truly one of the giants of the Myrtle Beach golf community. His combination of a keen intellect and strong work ethic made him one of the driving forces behind the area’s emergence as a world-class golf destination.

Burgess, a dentist by trade, helped form the Myrtle Beach National group in the 1970s and was vital to its growth into one of America’s most successful multi-course facilities. He remained active in assisting Myrtle Beach National until the time of his passing on June 17, 2013.

Burgess, who also held a law degree and was a professor and assistant dean of the Loyola University School of Dentistry in Chicago, was a pioneer in using technology to make the golf business more efficient. He was the impetus behind pushing the Myrtle Beach Golf Course Owners Association to develop a computer-driven tee sheet, which led to the creation of Tee Time Network.

Burgess was always striving to improve, whether that was making golf course operations more efficient or revolutionizing the tee time reservations system. His willingness to work hard, combined with a strong personality, made Burgess one of Myrtle Beach’s most influential figures, as it was transformed from a sleepy beach town into the world’s most popular golf destination.